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Ocean Press Kit
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OCEAN is dedicated to Yemayá, the Yorúbá Orìṣà or Goddess of the living ocean; ruler of the seas. Since water is essential to life, in many stories, Yemayá gave birth to everything. She is associated with saltwater, rain, healing, fertility, the Full Moon, the subconscious, creativity, pregnancy, childbirth and menstruation.

The Mother of All, she nurtures and comforts her children, offering maternal love and spiritual cleansing to any who feel lost and lonely. Fiercely protective, she will also go to war for them, wielding her machete with expertise.

It is said, when we were stolen from our homeland and transported across the oceans in the Middle Passage, it was Yemayá who protected us. Once arrived on these shores, we were forbidden to practice our own religion. OCEAN pays homage to African Spirituality by recognizing that these original teachings can aide us on the journey back to ourselves.

As our Ebony in OCEAN takes her own journey from girl to womanhood, she learns and affirms all the ways she is woman–loving, kind, creative, giving, beautiful…and, like Yemayá, she also ain’t afraid to fuck you up.


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“I don’t even know what to say about Ebony’s show. Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it. She’s taken a broken self and decided to make it something else. And if you don’t understand it, it’s your problem. She’s so powerful.” -Mama June