If you would like to have Ebony Stewart perform or speak at your school or event please send the details here.


A mixture of poetry and story-telling | Exclusive work | Q&A

Run time: 1 hour

Type of Space: Any

Maximum Number of Participants: OPEN

Equipment Needs: Microphone with stand | Stool | Water


Writing Prompts | Reading & Analyzing diverse works | Share fresh creations

Run time: 1 hour

Type of Space: Classroom or Theater

Maximum Number of Participants: 20

Equipment Needs: Space | White Board | Internet access | Writing utensils


Anatomy Recognition | Definitions | Statistics | Games & Activities | Reflection | Q&A

Run time: 2 hours

Type of Space: Any

Equipment Needs: White Board | Internet access (if possible) | Writing utensils


“I like that I was more educated about sex & myself.” – Paredes 6th Grade Middle School Class

“You find out about stuff your parents won’t have the energy or motivation to actually say to your face without chickening out or say stuff they really don’t know.” – Webb 7th Grade Middle School Class

“Ebony was a terrific workshop presenter – direct, friendly, and to the point. She wasn’t afraid to challenge people’s beliefs and values to make her points, and didn’t shy away from tricky subjects such as sexual orientation, realities of teen sex, role of parents and youth program staff, etc. She also kept the mood light as well as serious, but didn’t let the crowd wander into giggles/immaturity.” – Lara O’Toole, LMSW Director of Professional & Program Development Texas Network of Youth Services